Saturday, January 22, 2011



This week there will be no update. sorry yer, i'm out of town, so takde timbang kat sini. kalau ada pon, i dont believe it. hehehe..

However, i do weigh myself this morning and it stated 68.2 kg..!! OMG.. itu adalah sangat naik dr last week...almost 1 kg. giler lahh..what happen?

I dont want to think too much bout that and keep working out..once in a while, my weight can easily gain even 1 kg in a few i just keep doin what i do might be something to do with my period that i expected next week ( ada ker?hehe) or maybe muscle weight or maybe i just ate too much and took bad foods..its me to one else..

to make sure i dont feel like losing hope..just continue wth my routine..this week is kinda hectic with all d preparation for the investigations..however i manage to make sure i do my workout every day..My workout this week consist of :-
- JM cardio kickboxing
- Zumba
- Billy blanks tae bo
- Zuzana 550 killer reps//- this one i just tried out. seriously killer and  would not be advised for beginner. hehe..i can't finish that 550 reps..skip a few movement ..maybe i did aroun 350-400 reps only. hehe.. stamina mmg tak bleh lawan lansung that zuzana

if u think u wanna challenge urself with a short but intense workout , try zuzana at
i hope u'll do better than me ;)

this is my pic with my lovely doter Daniya this morning before i went to the airport..Ibu miss u Daniya..

See u real soon !

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update for 16/01/2011


Its already sunday..cepatnyer masa berlalu..rasa mcm baru je update weight n measurement last week..
early this week tak eksesais sangat, kene jangkitan kulit, takleh nak extensively exercise..

Alhamdulillah, lepas dah ok, dpt wat exercise everyday, dan ada yg twice a day.

So this is the result today :

Weight  :  67.4kg ( -900g )
Body fat % : 38 ( tatau la ni betol ke tak..)
Waist  :  33.5" ( -0.5" )
Arms  :  11.5" (0.0")
Thigh  :  20" (-1.3")

This week is better than last week. Losing 900g is a bless..bukan senang tu..tapi still takleh dpt more than 1kg..kene increase lagi workout and more clean diet ..

I notice that my thigh dah turun byk inches..maybe it's because of cardio kickboxing or taebo..but seriously sangat menyeksakan rasa peha pas eksesais..hehe

This is my exercises for this whole week :-
i) Zumba - 20mins express
ii) TAEBO 8 mins
iii) Jillian Michaels - 30ds dan cardio kickboxing
iv) JM - No More Trouble Zone- 1st time buat this curcuit..mmg best, a typical JM's workout..
v) P90X - total body plus - this is a hardcore exercise that makes my thigh feels like rocks for 2 days..sangat seksa utk org mcm aku ..huhu but sangat rasa berbaloi ;)

Makin bersemangat rasanya when everything we do menampakkan hasil yang memberansangkan ...i know i wont get my weight n shape in short time..but i know once i did, I am The Winner !

Have a great Sunday !


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Update for 9/1/2011


harini hari ahad..tak gi memane ke? kitorang ni bosan tahap gaban..husband keje plak arini..

so harini nak hapdet la progress utk mggu ni..

Weight  :  68.3kg ( -400g )
Body fat % : xdpt check,nnti try lgik
Waist  :  34" ( -1" )
Arms  :  11.5" (-0.5")
Thigh  :  21.3" (+0.3)

turun 400g sajer minggu loss sehingga ke tarikh ini adalah 72kg - 68.3kg = 3.7kg 
quite ok la jugak..kene makanlebih clean n disiplin kan diri wat eksesais every day..
thigh bertambah inches mungkin sbb byk wat kickboxing n taebo jadi keras di situ..hehe

btw, this is my latest pic:

hahaha. still gendut , but getting shapy..hehe

ok..till we meet again, Happy SUnDay!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Fav Workout - TAEBO & ZUMBA..!


Harini nak share my fav workout routine nowadays. Ada 2 yg slalu bim buat..TAEBO , either 8 minutes workout or cardio taebo(45mins)..dan ZUMBA with a long fav would be zumba with Dynamite song..ehehe

TaeBo is a workout includes TAEkwando and BOxing movement..seriously fun! kalau korang banyak stress, bagus buat ni..bleh feeling2 blasah orang ..hahaha.. and the same time can burn ur fat..hehe

Zumba plak adalah sejenis Dance Fitness program. sangat seswai utk mereka yang ske menari, ske music. Zumba ni asalnya latin-inspired..tapi skang ada byk version..bleh search mcm2 lagu kat youtube..
My fav channel untuk Zumba kat youtube adalah ini  My Zumba Fav Channel

All of these exercises is a very good cardio..utk toning, bim ske video Zumba Fitness - Sculpt & Tone. yang video ni 45mins, bim download guna torrent.

whatever it is, the main point is to work your butt off for at least 30mins  a day for at least 5-6 days a week. kalau nak lose more weight, increase your intensity of workout, Jillian Michael always the best choice. =) or increase the time to 1-1.5 hrs, 7 days a week.

You'll see result in no time. Good luck!

Update for 2/1/2011


I would like to update my stats for today..pas ni bim nak update every sunday la rasanya, senang skit.

Weight  :  68.7kg ( -700g )
Body fat % : 34% (-2%)
Waist  :  35" ( -1" )
Arms  :  12"
Thigh  :  21"

So I manage to lose only 700g for this week.  Yang penting bf % da turun 2%. yahuuu!!

arms ngan thigh baru tgk next update la nanti..waist sangat hazab..peha n lengan pon mcm biasa la..hazabedah..hehe