Thursday, May 31, 2012

Insanity - Other than BR 12 mins hell, u should try this insane workout!


Today's workout - INSANITY. as it name, it's INSANE. 
to survive the warm up is a blessed..hehe
for those yg belum tau insanity to aper..this is good review 

credit to

tapi ini review untuk the workout yg aku buat hari ini..Core Cardio & Balance..
workout insanity ni ada 10 jenis..antara 35mins - 1jam +
actually insanity ni ada workout plan/schedule. 
kalau betol2 nak buat it takes 60days to complete.
kalau korang nak try, sila download di mediaget ok?
kalau carik dlm youtube mmg takkan jumpa yang original..hehe

This is one of the real person, real results video that i found on youtube to see the before and after picca for those who doin the INSANITY workout..superb kan?

but of course, its all about hardwork and keep pushing yourself..
no easy way..
keep on goin bebeh!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wanna Workout? Try this 12mins like hell..!

~ Best Hot Ripped Abs Workout ~

Assalamualaikum wbt n Salam Sejahtera

so this is today's workout..
WO lama daripada Bodyrock..oleh Zuzana..
12 mins jer..50sec effort, 10 sec rest..
4 exercises, buat 3 12 minit sahaja!

Bodyrock ni one of the best home-workout videos yang bleh dpt for free on the net
and most of the wo mmg 12 mins sahaja..
tapi jangan pandang rendah..
ready for 12mins of hell, if u really put all ur effort and push yourself harder..

I've been bodyrocking quite sometimes..and i'm happy with the results..
I'm losing weight and losing inches and of course reducing my Bodyfat %..
and I gain more muscle..I really can feel those..

I hope I can achieve my target before hari raya..
everyone need to look good right? hehehe
My starting weight on Feb 2012 was 75kg. 
My current weight is 69. 
Total loss 6kg
Targeting for 10kg loss until August 2012.
Can it be done? Why not? hehe let's just work harder..=P

Dont Give Up!

Nite peeps!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ku Menunggu..

Keje menunggu ni adalah sangat stress..

harini g hospital nak ambik drh utk rule out thalassemia..dr klinik just bg borg lab jer

bila smpai hospital,kene rejek plak..dorg nak surat refer n result blood test sblm ni..adoiii patahbalik ke klinik

sampai klinik,ingatkan leh g jmpa dr terus, dptkan surat n patah balik ke hospital..takbley rupanya..tunggu giliran mcm org lain

Ni..masih lg menunggu..dah 1215pm..kol brapa nk siap..xkan nk cuti x berbaloii langsung huhu

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ripped in 30-Jillian Michaels

this is my today's wo..i did the week 2 wo..
untuk dvd nih, ada 4 wo, week 1 smpai week 4..
setiap video hanya 30-35mins sahaja 
so seswai klu time malas2 n tatau nak buat wo aper..ehehe

mcm tadi kan aku sbnrnya nak tido jer..ngantuk sgt 
tp tetiba bangun g tukar baju terus wo..kena rasuk agaknyer haha
am glad that i did this..feels good n seriously ngantuk nak tido 

kalau korang dah penah buat wo JM, this is just like it..
but i think 30days shred lebih hazab ler 
yg ni more to pakai weights and abs..ada cardio skit jer..
but i still love JM..its more relaxing than other wo, but still give me kick in the ass..
peluh jangan masih berpeluh walhal dah abis wo n mandi kol 9mlm tadi..
i think JM nye wo mmg seswai utk beginner..

ok la..tu je nak citer ..oh btw, my wo videos sume aku download guna mediaget. 
kalau korang jenis suka carik dvd workout, there was tonnnnn of it in there..
i got my P90x, Insanity, Turbofire, Zumba fitness, all JM wo..everything from mediaget. 
so, gunakan la internet korang sebaik mungkin..hehe

adios..Assalamualaikum wbt..

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Picture Dont Lies


Boleh ke buat Wordless Sunday? hahaha poyo jer
Terjumpa pic2 lama dengan baju yang serupa..
tetapi saiz yang agak berbeza..sikit je la beza..
tapi its a hard work ok..the sweat, the pain..only some of us knows it..
I thought I didnt achieve much..berat pon tak turun sangat ..
but this really give me a positive keep on going..
Berusaha lagi ..!!
It will be a long, hard, sweaty, tough and painful journey,
But I know, I am on the right track!

*senyum ai memang sepesen jer la..hahaha teruk btol!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

21 Minutes to Go! Kettlebell Full Body Workout

ok, done for today's workout..
KB will always be my love..hahaha short but intense, sweat like a pig ..
kata orang la..aku tatau camne pig sweating? kah3
so i just use the word..sweat like a rainy day..
betol2 macam air hujan ..peluh tak hengat ..

look at those perky booty babe! hahaha 
sangat jealous hokeyyyy 
oh..need to work 200% harder for those *_*
felt good afterward...will b having a good nite sleep ;)

C ya tomorrow with some new workout perhaps?
(inspired by those perky booty...hahahahaha)

Friday, May 25, 2012

First Attempt


harini first try wotkout selepasbseminggu berehat lepas kene denggi tu...huhu sangat hazab, stamina kaputs..

tried out ZWOW #18..haram x lepas pon 2rounds..sabo jela...rasa nak muntah,pengsan,pening,mabuk..sume ada..

jadiiii..berehat sebentar lepas 1st round..sambung buat bex tabata..manage to do 8mins of it and feels good..

bex nyer wo ada 4wo : dynamic squat, mountain climbers, jump lunges and burpees..20sec work/10sec rest..ulang 16rounds to get 8mins..

I need to work harder..badan da lemau..have a great weekend everyone..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Update Terkini

So,klu yg frenz kat fb mgkin tau bim baru lepas kene denggi mggu lepas... so buat ms skang ni msih berehat,no exercise at all..just jalan2 merayau2 hehe

Just before i fell sick, i've broke the scale..i mean my weight ..hehe My current weight is 68.5kg..broke the 71kg scale..hehe however,some jealous bitch said i look slim bcoz i got sick..ok,watever. I know myself well..

Hopefully after i fully recovered,will be cont with my Bodyrock session..n let c what those crazy bitchess will say..hehe

Upload Pic Plak

Hurmmm Mcmana nak jarak kan niiii Mcm xleh enter plak..huhu