Friday, July 30, 2010



Its been so long. so so soooo long. dah lama sangat tak update blog ni. million apologize.

after being a mom, my life is kinda hectic. i dont have much time on the net. jenguk2 fb jer. update2 gmbr. hehe. Daniya is a very good girl. tak penah susahkan ibu. walaupon kadang2 ske kuarkan suara high pitch tu, tapi i'm so lucky to have her as my daughter. i still have a good nite sleep.

but 1 thing mess up my mind. i dont have much time to workout. (or maybe that's just my excuses?) i want to workout, i miss everything bout workout. but, i rather sleep or eat. and the result? i dont lose any weight, but GAIN more !!!!..huwaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i need to focus. need to push myself like before. so sick of being fat cause i dont feel good. i easily get tired, kejap2 mengah and the worse part is sume baju dah tak muat. kalau muat, lemak sana sini. huh. mencik.

need some extra motivation. i must change my habit. i have to. and everything should start now.