Friday, December 31, 2010



Wow..this is the last day of 2010, and here i come to update my blog. hahaha.
Welcome back ! to me and to my blog..

So, as u all know, after i deliver our lovely Daniya, i didnt lose much weight..masa pregnant was 82kg, masa pas deliver was 73kg..and now i've started my journey to lose weight (again) the old-school way..Diet and Exercise.

Disebabkan esok adalah taun baru 2011, maka bim akan open balik this blog, and akan cuba update sekerap mungkin, dan akan share my journey..this time it would be a lil bit harder..with a lil kid, and a post-delivery fat..u name it. hehe.

Let see how big I've become during my last day of pregnancy..

owwhh..dats 82kg of me..

and this is picca during hari raya this the teballl...hahaha..this time is around 72-73kg..

My current weight is 69.4kg. Body fat % = 34. still high, still working on it. My target would be 65kg for 1st part..60kg for 2nd part. wanna see my latest pic? maybe next time..hehehehe..

See you guys next year..!! Let start a new year with a brand new YOU!