Thursday, August 20, 2009


Salam sume. Salam dari Sabah. heheh

Today will be my last day. been here since Monday .

And finally , meet up with Polin. Thanx polin for the great days . glad to have u as a friend.

Mmg seronok dtg sabah ni.mcm lebih kurang balik kuching je.sbb the surrounding is not so much differ. yg best nya , we stay kat hotel yg in the middle of the city , which means , surrounding by shopping mall yg macam2 ada. haha. nice. i need that for this stressful job.

Ingat nak tepek pic (i'm ashamed to put my pic with polin because polin is like number 1 and i'm 0, u got what i mean?) she's so skinny, and looks 10 years younger in real life. Picture dont tell everything though. hehe .

I forgot to bring my usb cable. ( haha. alasan baik punyer ) hopefully nanti balik opis i'llhave some time to upload everything. but i think polin will share the pic in her FB. ( oh ya, i dont have FB- haha. ketinggalan zaman )

ok la korang. nak blah dah. i know u guys bored with my blog. Sorry for that. can't help u with that. I'm slowly losing grip from this net world. lain la kalau husband tiba2 baik hati nak bli laptop skali ngan internet ke.haha. Dream on.

I miss my previous life. but I know we have to move on. We have to let go, to make a change. This is my time. and your time will come. Adios.


  1. Bim.....i missssss uuuuuu.... :-)

  2. hey bim.. did you get the FB album invitation?

    btw, i miss u already..

    really hope that you will get a pc and streamyx to get in touch again with your cyber world.. but yeah, most important we move on and stick to our priorities.. really miss the good o days with u guys......... i feel like so alone now in that forum :(

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