Monday, December 23, 2013

Instagram (IG) For Workout Ideas & Fitness Info


So this are my list of favourite Instagram accounts that give me ideas for daily workouts, fitness info and motivations.  

1. Chalene Johnson - remember Turbofire? oh yes, this is SHE. She shares a lot of workout videos, bodyweight, stairs workout, gym ball, total body, lower body, upper body, abs, you name it, she got it. Short and intense! and I love her background musics too!

2. Homeworkouts_4u - this IG shows picture and videos on how to do an exercise and founded by Chalene Johnson.

3. NatalieJillFit - I found her IG at Chalene's IG. Lots of workout videos, and a tough cute lil coach. LOL ;)
4. H_I_I_T - for those who love high intensity interval training (like me). Workout ideas and some videos ;)

5. Dailyworkouttv - Daily HIIT workouts, crossfit style I guess. Short and intense. with Videos how to do those exercises and very helpful when u need to ask anything. I am gonna do their 90 days transformation challenge for 2014 ;) They upload workout videos 5 days a week and weekend are rest days.

6. Illugymnati - nice name ha? ;) I cant resist the cute drawing. Daily workouts inspiration.


7. Daily_workouts - I love to try the shared workouts. Some are simple, some are tough. So I can choose depends on my heavy-light day. So much ideas for workouts.

8. Workout_fitness - workout ideas and motivation

9. Workouts_daily - another favourite IG's for workout ideas! U can choose any of the workouts from 759 posted. ;)

10. Gymknowledge - for gym goers. easy to understand. I am gym-beginner so I just so need this imagination ;)
11. iiworkoutt - another great ideas for bodyweight workouts.



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