Friday, June 5, 2009



Nak ambik masa utk update jap .

Good news , i'm losing the 1st kg from the target ! yess!! Go Go Chaiiyooo!!!

So I'm 61 kg..haha.jauh lagi dari target .

Disebabkan timbang umah maira is manual , so aku depends on that je la .timbang digital kat seremban. Timbang umah maira pon lebih kurang timbang digital aku je reading nyer. Reliable la kan. hehe.

I'm getting back on track. trying to be as physically active as before. and being "picky" about the food is a good start to train myself. I'm back to mihun tomyam , wholegrain , sandwich ..hahaha.

but like always , weekend will ruin everything. ( hopefully not! ) . goin back to seremban dis evening.

Happy weekend all ! have a great day.

p/s : TBL contestant , how u guys doin ? update on monday or friday ? Can't wait to see the changes !

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  1. hai salam...lawat blg sy yer klu terasa nk try brg marykay @ minat join bizz kcntikan