Thursday, July 9, 2009

2 news..

Salam .

Sehat ? I'm doin fine. Sebenarnya very the busy especially pagi2 camni. but i think this is the only time i can update anything. need to make it short n precise. haha. ape2 je la .

Got 2 news.

1 - I got the quarters !
Alhamdulillah..yeahhh.. belum pindah dah ambik kunci semalam. dah tengok2 ngan husband. dia dah sebok plan nak bli mcm2. huhu. need to clean up a bit. sbb habuk n such. but dinding cat baru - really brightly white..

Honestly , this house is waaaayyy smaller than our last place in Seremban . But my husband cheer up when he saw the kicthen ( that is the most important part of the house for him ). For me, I'm quite upset because the living hall is too small ( because that is the most important place for me. haha. nampak sangat asik tgk tv, laki sebok masak.hehe )

HOWEVER , it doesnt matter anymore. yg penting ada tempat tinggal , and no need to bother maira n family anymore. tapi i'm gonna miss Izzul Islam n Izzul Iman. bleh pinjam tak skali skala ?? hahaha. Izzul nye sekolah the same building kat umah aku jer. and yes , umah me n maira dekat sajer. We still can go for aerobic together on Sunday right ?? hehe

2 - I lost another 1 kg..

haha. keco. but this really means something for me. sbb dh jarang sangat exercise properly, makan pon banyak rasanya. tapi membuang pon byk. I think my body really helps me this time. Ada some muscle left kot..hahaha. Need to lose another 8 kg. I hope that wont be a problem lepas dpt pindah umah ni .

Oh btw , ruang tamu tu tak muat pon utk aku buat aerobik. ahahaha. aku dah ckp ngan husband 1 bilik kene buat bilik eksesais. ngeh3. manyak cantik yerrr...hehe

I'm very excited to move to the new house. Because i really wanna be back to my routine before.
Hopefully I can do that soon.

Calling for Nabiha Ismail !!! - Bha kata nak tolong kemas umah kan??haha. nanti jangan tak dtg plak. hehe.

Have a nice Thursday.