Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 2 & 3 Ramadhan's Workout

Alhamdulillah...selesai puasa hari ke 3..
semalam tak update ape workout kan sbb tak sempat hehe..
so today update 2 sekali..
semalam nye workout simple sajer..its all about the strength, abs n bun.

Day 2  : 22/07/2012
I did circuit B from SHAPE magazine's Tush & Abs workout plan:

Tripod kicks 20 reps x 2 sets *with ankle weights
Weighted bridge 25 reps x 2 sets * use 2kg med ball
Power crunch 15reps x 3sets *use 2kg med ball

Day 3 : 23/07/2012
1. Warming up with 2 mins skipping 

2. Jenn Fit Beach Babe Workout 
The link :

50 Mountain Climber - 30
50 crunches - 30
50 leg lift (R) -20
50 leg lift (L) - 20
2 mins plank - 1min
50 medicine ball russian twist -30

To make sure I can finish 3 rounds without experiencing any giddiness, I reduce the reps.
I manage to finish the 3 rounds and felt good bout it. 
I started early today, at 635pm and finish around 710pm. perfect timing ;)

This morning I went to the clinic, for reviewing my blood test.
Last time when I had dengue fever, the Dr suspected I have Thalassemia. So they did blood test.
The blood come back saying I am positive for Thalassemia. they just dont know yet thet type, either minor or major, alpha or beta.
So they took another blood test today. The next appointment will be after Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
I dont know what to expect. Should I be worry? I hope everything gonna be find. I hope I will be find. 


  1. it's going to be fine, kak..

    doa banyak-banyak.. esp time bulan posa nie.. insyaAllah..