Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update for 16/01/2011


Its already sunday..cepatnyer masa berlalu..rasa mcm baru je update weight n measurement last week..
early this week tak eksesais sangat, kene jangkitan kulit, takleh nak extensively exercise..

Alhamdulillah, lepas dah ok, dpt wat exercise everyday, dan ada yg twice a day.

So this is the result today :

Weight  :  67.4kg ( -900g )
Body fat % : 38 ( tatau la ni betol ke tak..)
Waist  :  33.5" ( -0.5" )
Arms  :  11.5" (0.0")
Thigh  :  20" (-1.3")

This week is better than last week. Losing 900g is a bless..bukan senang tu..tapi still takleh dpt more than 1kg..kene increase lagi workout and more clean diet ..

I notice that my thigh dah turun byk inches..maybe it's because of cardio kickboxing or taebo..but seriously sangat menyeksakan rasa peha pas eksesais..hehe

This is my exercises for this whole week :-
i) Zumba - 20mins express
ii) TAEBO 8 mins
iii) Jillian Michaels - 30ds dan cardio kickboxing
iv) JM - No More Trouble Zone- 1st time buat this curcuit..mmg best, a typical JM's workout..
v) P90X - total body plus - this is a hardcore exercise that makes my thigh feels like rocks for 2 days..sangat seksa utk org mcm aku ..huhu but sangat rasa berbaloi ;)

Makin bersemangat rasanya when everything we do menampakkan hasil yang memberansangkan ...i know i wont get my weight n shape in short time..but i know once i did, I am The Winner !

Have a great Sunday !


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