Saturday, January 22, 2011



This week there will be no update. sorry yer, i'm out of town, so takde timbang kat sini. kalau ada pon, i dont believe it. hehehe..

However, i do weigh myself this morning and it stated 68.2 kg..!! OMG.. itu adalah sangat naik dr last week...almost 1 kg. giler lahh..what happen?

I dont want to think too much bout that and keep working out..once in a while, my weight can easily gain even 1 kg in a few i just keep doin what i do might be something to do with my period that i expected next week ( ada ker?hehe) or maybe muscle weight or maybe i just ate too much and took bad foods..its me to one else..

to make sure i dont feel like losing hope..just continue wth my routine..this week is kinda hectic with all d preparation for the investigations..however i manage to make sure i do my workout every day..My workout this week consist of :-
- JM cardio kickboxing
- Zumba
- Billy blanks tae bo
- Zuzana 550 killer reps//- this one i just tried out. seriously killer and  would not be advised for beginner. hehe..i can't finish that 550 reps..skip a few movement ..maybe i did aroun 350-400 reps only. hehe.. stamina mmg tak bleh lawan lansung that zuzana

if u think u wanna challenge urself with a short but intense workout , try zuzana at
i hope u'll do better than me ;)

this is my pic with my lovely doter Daniya this morning before i went to the airport..Ibu miss u Daniya..

See u real soon !

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