Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wanna Workout? Try this 12mins like hell..!

~ Best Hot Ripped Abs Workout ~

Assalamualaikum wbt n Salam Sejahtera

so this is today's workout..
WO lama daripada Bodyrock..oleh Zuzana..
12 mins jer..50sec effort, 10 sec rest..
4 exercises, buat 3 12 minit sahaja!

Bodyrock ni one of the best home-workout videos yang bleh dpt for free on the net
and most of the wo mmg 12 mins sahaja..
tapi jangan pandang rendah..
ready for 12mins of hell, if u really put all ur effort and push yourself harder..

I've been bodyrocking quite sometimes..and i'm happy with the results..
I'm losing weight and losing inches and of course reducing my Bodyfat %..
and I gain more muscle..I really can feel those..

I hope I can achieve my target before hari raya..
everyone need to look good right? hehehe
My starting weight on Feb 2012 was 75kg. 
My current weight is 69. 
Total loss 6kg
Targeting for 10kg loss until August 2012.
Can it be done? Why not? hehe let's just work harder..=P

Dont Give Up!

Nite peeps!


  1. Very good weight loss. Keep it up gal. You are doing so well :)

  2. thanx beb! same goes to u..i think the weight loss is getting slower..haha
    the weight doesnt move at all since the last weight in..