Tuesday, June 19, 2012

19/6/2012 - The 10 x 10 Workout

Harini kita buat Angry Trainer Fitness Workout
10 wo, 10 reps each, repeat as many rounds as u can. 
I did 2 rounds only, in 14:42. 
pon dah rasa nak pengsannn..huwaaa
I'm using my 7.5kg KB for all the wo with weight

All exercises x 10 reps

1. X-Position Abs
2. Triceps Pushups
3. Mountain Climbers
4. Kettlebell/ Dumbbell/Medicine Ball Swing
5. Ass Kickers -- Jump Squat / Lunge Combo
Rest 60 seconds
6. Swiss Ball Single Arm Dumbbell Chest Press
7. Lateral Lunge w/Side lateral
8. Shoulder Taps
9. Jump Jacks
10. Plank Dumbbell Row


  1. Replies
    1. x hebat la eyn..skang kene work harder..hormon dah caca marba balik huhu

  2. I hate mountain climbers very strong!!!

    1. uuuu i LOVE mountain climber..
      BUT.. i always HATE burpees! haha..slow me down everytime..
      kenapa ko tak ske mountain climbers? kan senang je tu..? hehe