Friday, January 23, 2009

My BMI ..before and after ..

One of my motivation to lose weight is to have a NORMAL BMI . I've been OBESE most of my life and never know bout that. hermm..dulu mana la nak amik tau pasal ni sumer ..skang baru nak terhegeh2.hahaha.

You can check ur BMI here..- check my BMI -

This is my BMI when I first start my diet program ..31.6 Obviously OBESE ok?

And this is my BMI as for today ( 23.01.09 ) - 26.8 - still OVERWEIGHT but i'm very close to have a normal BMI..hopefully before June 2009 - one year after the journey ..can't wait that moment to see what I've achieve by that time..hehe

CHAIYYOO!! I know I can do it do YOU !

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